Have you been to a #salon to get a facial and you walk out thinking ' Well that was a waste of time'??. Not at our salon!

All our #staff are trained in #dermal skin studies, where we educate all our client on the function of the skin and why or what is happening to their skin.

All our #facials have a #holistic approach to them, where our minds are constantly ticking over to find out why you have this #pigmentation, or #acne, or #prematurely #ageing #skin. Is it coming from internal? is it coming from #hormones? poor #diet? #skincare you are using? Incorrect skin diagnosis? external factors? #stress related? trauma related? the list goes on!! This is why we have a naturopath onsight, so we can help your skin externally and she can help it internally.

We believe no two skins are alike so we never treat them alike. Every single facial is customised by our amazing staff to give you an incredible facial.

We use the #AMAZING skincare #DrSpiller. Dr Spiller works differently then any other skin care i have worked with. It is an Oil based product- please don't be scared! the reason why it is an oil based product, because our skin is WATER PROOF! so, if our skin is water proof and we are using water based products on our skin- how is it penetrating?? it's not! That is why you get a 'plateau' feeling with skincare that is water bases after a while of using it, as your skin is only absorbing 2-5% of that active ingredient, while with Dr Spiller, because of it being Oil based 100% - YES 100% of active ingredients penetrate your skin! We have had the most amazing results from these products in just 5 days of using them!!!

Back to our facials ( I could talk about Dr Spiller for hours), Before you walk into the room, our therapist will do a comprehensive skin consultation for you to determine exactly what you and your skin needs.

In our #Candle lit treatment rooms, you will immerse your self into the warm bed and #essentialoil filled room.

Our welcome touch is what sets us apart from other facials. Before we start, we hot towel your feet and give you a #reflexology massage which includes pressure points on your feet and stretching. The next step of our welcome touch is #inhalation using a blend of essential oils chosen just for you, we tell you to take 3 deep breaths in and then we stretch the neck and shoulder this starts the relaxation process for you. Next we use our #Tibetan singing bowls over your #chakras to aline you before we even start the facial treatment. NOW WE START YOUR FACIAL!

Every minute of that 1 hour we are constantly #massaging a part of your body. From your neck and shoulders to your scalp to your hands to your face and if we have time even your feet or back. We never stop touching you during the time you are with us!

Our mind is going into over drive when we are #treating your skin, always thinking what is the best solution for this #client??? We never are in "robot" mode when you are in our care!

One of my pet peeves when I am having a facial, is when the #therapist leaves the room when my mask is on. Has this happened to you???

I remember (15 years ago) when I was working in particular salon, this is how my manager wanted us to to work. When the steam was on, we had to leave the room to do an eyebrow wax on another client, when the mask was on we had to leave the room to do an eyelash tint. One time I had to leave the room in the middle of a facial to do a leg wax!! From that day on, I always said when I open my own salon- 'this is not happening!!'

This is something I tell all my staff NEVER LEAVE THE ROOM IN A TREATMENT!

You have 100% of our attention every time!

We also use the #JadeRoller in your facial.

We LOVE our jade roller! Jade rollers do everything from #sculpting, #toning, and #firming skin to #boostingcirculation, enhancing #glow, #reducingpuffiness, minimising #finelines, improving #elasticity, #detoxifying, and helping skincare products #penetrate better.

To finish off your treatment, we repeat the Welcome touch- but as Goodbye touch. For you to start to come back to reality and know that the pampering session is nearly over.

We leave the room to bring you your #tea and cookies, (once the facial is over) and we let you take your time to get up, enjoy your tea and admire your skin! We never rush you out of the room! Nothing worse then having an incredible facial and the therapist knocking on the door for you to hurry up and get out!

We Pride our selves in our facial and our clients!

You will feel the #difference in our facials :)

Liv for Beauty and Soul's facials are #Educational + #Relaxation based.

Come in and try one of our facials, you wont be disappointed!

We are also in the pipeline in getting a range at our salon, which is all about giving our skin nutrients from the inside out. This oral drink has all the right #nutrients your skin needs to reproduce healthy plump cells! Watch this space for more information about this amazing range!!!

I want to Thank you for taking the time to read this blog and we hope we have inspired you to come in and try one of our amazing facials!

Soon in our beautiful salon in #CAMDEN!



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