Rachel grace Chill TFO Sacred Scent Oil

Here is your ultimate chill pure EO blend! The CHILL tfo Rachel Grace Sacred Scent is a blend of pure essential oils with notes of Rose, Lavender and chamomile to name a few to activate the intense relaxation process through every state of your being. With the day to day stresses in out world today we rarely take the time to rest and Chill the F out! This blend will settle hurts, decrease irritability, worry, depression, reduce agitation and anxiety. For an added layer the CHILL tfo Sacred Scent has been infused with a Amethyst chip stone.

This is our favourite oil to use for our welcome touch in all our treatments, to help you unwind and get into the 'ZONE'

Everyone is loving Rachel Grace Chill Oil. It is literally flying off our shelves!

Put it in an oil burner for the whole house to calm down, roll it onto your body for the essential oils to be infused into your blood stream and help your whole body relax, or my personal favourite- put a few drops in your kids baths when they are a little bit to active then you would like! Works everytime!

This amazing little bottle of pure serenity can be yours for just $24.

Come and try it at our salon, just one smell and you will be hooked!

Buy it from Liv for Beauty and Soul or Directly from Rachel Grace.


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