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Updated: Sep 30, 2019

We have been busy little ducklings lately, trying to give you everything possible to make your experience at Liv for Beauty and Soul #Memorable, #Luxurious and #Relaxing, just as you deserve!

In the last 2 weeks we have 9 new things to report to you! YES 9! But I will only tell you about 5 today ( so we don't bombard you with to much information)

1.Pure Fiji

We are now stockist for PURE FIJI. This amazing range not only smells delicious, but also is very nourishing and hydrating for your skin. Using organic coconut oils, macadamia oils, Dilo nut Oil and Sikeci Nut oil. Your Skin will truly thank you for it. Pure Fiji also have a range that is just for irritated and inflamed skin such as #eczema, #Psoriasis, #Mostiquiobites, #rashes, #burns and much more.

It is time to immures your self in this amazing range of #Bodylotions, #Bodyscrubs, #BodyButters, #Soaps, #BodyWash, #Shampoos, #Conditioners, #InsectRepellent and much more.

You can feel like you are on Holidays every day just from these amazing products

Let's just say, everyone that using Pure Fiji love love love it, and so do we! #Purefiji #coconutoil #macadamiaoil

2. Teeth whitening

Just another thing to add to our one stop shop- Teeth Whitening. We only use Dentist quality Solution. With 5-14 shades lighter teeth which is safe and gentle, you can have pearly white teeth in just one hour! For the month of OCTOBER you can love your smile again for only $99 usually $149 #celebritywhitening #teethwhitening

3. Liv for Beauty and Soul Magnesium oil.

One very effective way to replenish the Magnesium in your body is to regularly apply MAGNESIUM OIL.

This MAGNESIUM SPRAY, with Australian grown Aloe Vera, is specially designed for sensitive skin. Made in Australia, using Natural MAGNESIUM CHLORIDE from the ancient deep mineral deposits of the Dead Sea, the Active Life Magnesium Spray is high in Magnesium and contains Organic Arnica and Natural Wintergreen Essential oil to help reduce bruising and inflammation. Working transdermally, the oil can be used all over the body or into targeted area, by massaging it gently onto the skin. 

MAGNESIUM is one of the most vital minerals for our body. Many of us lack Magnesium as it is less and less found in our diets. By raising your Magnesium levels, Magnesium Oil may help support your general health by giving you more energy and vitality. It may also help increase blood circulation, reduce muscle and #jointpain, #Cramps, #arthritis, #reducestress and #headaches, may help with #sleeplessness.

This Amazing little spray can;

1. Improve Blood Circulation.

2. Ease Back and Neck Pain.

3. Reduce Bruising.

4. Reduce Muscle pain. 5. Relieve Cramps.

6. Ease Sore heavy Legs.

7. Relieve Arthritis.

This Spray was my life saver when I was heavily pregnant and suffering from chronic Sciatic pain. This is why i decided to bring this miracle spray to my salon to help all my beautiful clients to #magnesiumoil

4. Liv for beauty and Soul Blended Aromatherapy Oils

We have so many of our clients suffering from #depression, #anxiety, #digestive issues, #insomnia, #migraines ( and the list goes on). This made my mind tick ( scary I know), I wanted a way to help my clients holistically and this is where our Blended Aromatherapy oils come into play. We sit down with you and work out the best oils that are going to help with your current situation, blend it with 100% jojoba oil and have a treatment plan all ready to go for you to start healing holistically.

We only use 100% Pure Aromatherapy oils from a local @Rachelgrace

Did you know that Aromatherapy oils are not just nice smelling things? They are therapeutic and go into your blood stream to help correct all sort of issues, like hormonal imbalances, stress, insomnia, constipation, sore muscles and more more more.

For one of this customise little miracle blends is only $29. If you are interested in knowing more. Please Contact Olivia, our Aromatherapist. #rachelgrace #aromatherapyoils

5. Sandy our Resident Naturopath

We have always wanted to work internally and externally to help you get to your skin goal quicker and that is where Sandy fits in. Sandy is one talented lady, who is a #Naturopath, #Nutritionist and Yoga Instructor. She comes into our salon once a fortnight to sit with clients and work out what is going on internally, so we can help them externally.

Just another thing, we want to offer our clients for that #mind, #body and #spirit #holistic approach to beauty.

If you would like a consultation, please call us and we can book you in with this talented lady! #inhealthinwealth

We have much more to tell you, and a lot more things coming in the near future so please stay tuned!

We are making this salon into everything your Body, Mind and Soul needs.

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